Scientific translation

Scientific translation requires a perfect knowledge of the field and must perfectly transcribe the original document. Our network of scientific translators has a scientific and technical culture background fully adjusted to the requirements of this type of translation and each translator has complete target language terminology resources.

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Terminology resources

MundoTrad translators are native or bilingual and have a perfect knowledge of the scientific terminology in the target language.

Our translation agency frequently receives requests for scientific translations from researchers, university professors, PhD students and PhD’s, engineers, research and development departments, etc.

In MundoTrad we are specialized in the translation of scientific documents.

There are many documents related to the scientific field subject to be translated: articles for specialized publications, scientific disseminations works, documentation and presentations for conferences, medicine brochures and/or leaflets, device descriptions, regulations, clinical trials, thesis, etc. Areas of expertise: medicine, pharmacy, biology, environment, veterinary, chemistry, etc.