Sworn interpreting

An interpreting of official nature that can only be performed in Spain by sworn interpreters authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for a specific linguistic combination. An interpreter can contribute in any interpretation service. However, there are certain circumstances that strictly and exclusively require the services of a sworn interpreter. Generally required in courts, notary offices, police stations, etc., when one of the parties involved has another nationality or does not correctly understand our language. We will need to reach out to a sworn interpreter, who will accordingly sign and seal their performance, in oral court hearings, marriage ceremonies, notarial acts or proceedings, public deeds, power of representation, proceedings, affidavits, signing of contracts…

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Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting entails the interpretation of a speech in other languages. The interpreter translates the speech to the customer once the speaker has finished his/her speech. It is used in product presentations and/or displays, commercial visits, press conferences or meetings with a small number of participants.

From the technical point of view, consecutive interpreting is easy to prepare. It does not require the use of special equipment, booths, headphones or microphones, which simplifies the preparation of the set-up. However, it often requires great skills and is normally used in very high-level meetings that deal issues that are particularly delicate and require a great level of accuracy, nuance and confidentiality.

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Liaison interpreting

The interpreter serves as a liaison between two people (or groups), translating contributions of both parties from one language to another. Used during negotiations, in trade fairs, business and/or company visits, etc., it improves dialogue capacity between parties and does not need technical means.

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Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates the lecturer’s speech in real time (requires soundproof booth and receivers). Ideal for congresses, conferences, seminars or courses with commentators and public of different nationalities.

An interpreting booth is designated for each combination or language pair where one or two interpreters can work from and that given activity’s required level can be usually taken in turns during periods of approximately half an hour. These interpreters listen to the speech through the headphones and simultaneously speak through a microphone.

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Whispered interpreting

Chuchotage or whispered interpreting is a type of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter whispers lecturer’s speech into the customer’s ear in real time and translates customer’s participation to other members. Ideal for personalized product demonstrations or visits to facilities, factories and construction and/or building sites.

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