Localization is the process of adapting content or a product into another language considering the linguistic context, cultural environment and technical needs. Localization is mainly used for the translation of websites, software or videogames. These documents burden a significant cultural context that can be compromised with a simple translation.

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A bridge between cultures

Localization is a process that prioritizes the culture of each country. Words relationship is subtle: the translator used to the customs and traditions of a language is able to perceive the different nuances. In addition, localization requires a very particular technical knowledge and training. Our translators specializing in localization are perfectly used to tagging or labelling as well as using different computer languages. In addition, in the specific case of videogames, they have the knowledge and are regular users of the different platforms where these products are directed (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Wii, Xbox, etc.).

Therefore, the localization mechanism involves a deep understanding of the devices that govern the source and target culture.

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A powerful marketing tool

Comprehensive multilingual adjustment service

All our projects end with a thorough overhaul and verification so they read everything that you have to say, how it must be said it and where it has to be said.

In MundoTrad we are specialized in the localization of the following fields:

  • Software: manuals, source code, programming documents, tag languages…
  • Web and multimedia contents: we translate your website or online shop or store so that all your products and services reach anywhere in the world.
  • Videogames: products for any platform, user manuals, etc.