A picture is worth a thousand words, so allow your videos to speak for you. Do you want to broadcast your corporate videos, advertisements, feature films, short films, documentaries, series, etc. beyond your borders or use video material in another language for different business or personal purposes? Our subtitling experts can help you. Let us know your requirements and together we will analyse the specific case to determine your needs in terms of format, timing or spotting, adjustments, etc.

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In and out times

If necessary, our personnel will be responsible for setting in and out times of the subtitles, always considering the current or specified subtitling standards in terms of on-screen time, colour, location and text length, audio synchronization, foreground and scene changes, etc., making use of appropriate subtitling software.

In MundoTrad we are specialized in the transcription of your audio or video material.

If you only need the transcription of your audio or video material, MundoTrad is the company you are looking for. We can extract the dialogues of this material in the source language and portray them into a text file, with or without time codes.