Sworn translation

A sworn translation is a  true and faithful translation of documents written in another language with certain legal effect in the event of being submitted to a specific public or private body. Only a sworn translator, appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in the case of Spain, can carry out such translation. The most distinguishing feature of  sworn translations  is that each and every page of the translation must be sealed and signed by the sworn translator that has translated the document. In addition, and at the end of the translation, a certificate indicating the name of the translator, source and target languages, and translation date must all be shown. A photocopy of the original document will also be attached to the translated document, also including the date and translator’s seal.
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Official capacity

Although it is advisable to be able to fully appreciate all elements contained in the document, the delivery of original documents is not strictly mandatory. Thus, the translator can work from either using photocopies, scanned copies or even photographs sent via instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, etc., a copy of these files will be attached at all times to the translation. Additionally, the original document does not have to be an official document, for example, we can translate an email that is to be submitted as evidence in a trial…

In MundoTrad, a translation company established in León, all sworn translations are official.

There are many documents
that in certain circumstances require a sworn translation.

  • Business documents (contracts, bylaws, annual accounts, purchase invoices, account balances…)
  • Personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, criminal record certificates…)
  • Academic and professional documents (university diplomas, academic records, tuition certificates, employment records, driving licenses…)
  • Legal documents (divorce, adoption or separation decrees, inheritance related documentation, powers of attorney…)