Technical translation

Whether from the more technical telecommunications, engineering or automotive documentation to home appliance or 3D printers’ manuals, in MundoTrad, a translation company established in León, we offer high-quality technical translation services.

Technical translation takes on an important linguistic complexity due to the great variety of fields of expertise within each industry. All our work is based on our goal to achieve nothing but the best quality, as it is only this way that we will be able to fully satisfy the needs of each and every one of our customers.

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Areas of expertise

Some of the most important sectors related to  technical translation that we work on are the following:

aerospace industry, environment, aeronautics, machinery, architecture, automotive industry, construction, industrial design, metallurgical industry, electricity, electronics, energy, renewable energy, hardware, printing, IT, mechanics, mining, multimedia, naval, programming, robotics, telecommunications, transportation, etc.

The technical translations must be accurate, precise and faithful to the original text.

With the purpose of guaranteeing the highest quality in technical translations, we have a large team of specialists and experts in the most common technical sectors.